Valentine’s Day Part Deux

I’m not really much of a valentines type person,  this year I asked my significant otter if he would take me for ten dollar schnitzels.  He decided he would one up me and took me on a surprise trip to the Greyhound racing track. While I knew that place existed and had for ages,  I didn’t think people actually went… Read more →


Merry Valentines to all my tens (ones) of readers. I hope you are having a heart warming day. So far the most romantic thing to have happened today is eating a Subway for lunch, and WHAT a subway it was. I also made this incredible valentines picture for my friend.   Read more →

Fair Day

I don’t have anything snarky to say about this, the other day I went to Fair Day with my fabulous friends. They had made delicious cakes and brought a tent and we all sat around and basked in the joy of being fab. To commemorate this most festive occasion, I made a lil collage.   Read more →